Summary: We initiate coverage of Monetize360 in the Agile Billing market with an MGI 360 Rating of 48 and a NEUTRAL analyst outlook. Monetize360 is a new entrant into the Enterprise segment of Agile Billing with a modern architectural take on the monetization needs of complex B2B and B2C organizations with a particular focus on mediation and usage billing. The company and product are evolving rapidly with solid initial traction in a number of marquee accounts. The founder brought in an experienced management team to help with fundraising, process, customer success and marketing. The product emphasizes an API-first approach to usage and consumption billing at scale, catering primarily to high-tech and financial services industries. Their low-code/no-code solution with component-based architecture allows businesses to quickly customize and optimize billing models. Monetize360 use case scenarios include service design, price simulations, rules-based mediation, dynamic rating, revenue forecasting, billing analytics, and also includes a self-care/CSR portal module. This is a company and product to watch.

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Competitors: BillingPlatform, BluLogix, Gotransverse, LogiSense, Oracle, RecVue, SAP, Zuora

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