OPINION: The company has improved its scores in the areas of Product, Strategy, and Finance, while holding steady in the areas of Management and Channels. Its ideal use case is for high volume, low complexity B2C subscription billing scenarios that have little or no change. Users that want to quickly stand up a billing capability that can process credit cards and provision the end customer at scale will find this solution attractive. Its payments capabilities are expanding, with more services oriented towards increasing authorization rates and helping customers lower churn. PCI compliance and partnerships with Kount and Adyen are positive developments. While not the most feature-rich billing solution, Recurly continues to be one of the fastest subscription billing product to stand up with little or no IT involvement.

USE CASE: B2C organizations with pure digital recurring business models, sophisticated analytics and payment management requirements, and billing revenue range $25 million to $250 million.

COMPETITORS: Chargebee, Chargify, ChargeOver, CheddarGetter, Fusebill, Stripe, Zuora.

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